Research Resume Template

There are many ways to write a resume, however at Augustana College we use the most up to date industry knowledge and standards to help market your skills to employers.

Please use this as a template not the final version of your document. 

Unique elements for Researchers:

  • Relevant coursework is discussed rather than just listing it.
    • Each course uses two bullet points. The first describes the course or learning outcomes and the second describes major projects, presentations, or assignments related to the position you are applying to

Other things to consider adding:

  • Project work
  • Leadership experience
  • Skills section featuring lab techniques, software/hardware specialties
  • Any publications you may have
  • Conferences attended and or presented at
  • Student organizations


  • A resume is 1 or 2 pages in length, and if using a second page it must be full
  • A CV (curriculum vitae) is different than a resume and does not have page length requirements
  • Customize your document to the position you are applying for using terminology from the posting
  • Schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to go over your unique document and needs
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