(Dis) Ability – Knowing Your Rights

When thinking about a career, and going through the job or internship search, it is important to know your rights as a potential candidate, and as someone with a disability. The following resources will help you better advocate for yourself during a process that is often long, difficult, and hard to manage on your own.


Job Accommodation Network: JAN has information on job accommodations and additional resources

Office of Disability Employment Policy: Provides articles and resources on national leadership focused on disability and employment policy

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 Titles I and V: Specific information on employment discrimination laws

Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities: Read on to learn about navigating the path to employment as a person with a disability, and find how to evaluate an employer’s standards of accessibility, accommodation, and acceptance in order to find the right career fit.

Bender Consulting: Assists individuals with disabilities in getting hired and recruited for positions within the private and public sector

U.S. Department of Labor – Office of Disability Employment Policy

Know Your Rights


American Foundation for the Blind: AFB provides a list of visually impaired and blind mentors that students can connect with depending on the career interests. Students can also explore careers through this site and receive tips on the career search

US Business Leadership Network: USBLN shows how an organization promotes and recognizes best practices when it comes to hiring and marketing to individuals with disabilities