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By Claire Martino
Claire Martino
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Not Sure What To Wear To A Career Fair – We’ve Got You Covered [literally]

What to Wear to a Career Fair

There are many things to do when getting ready for your first career fair. Don’t forget to plan your wardrobe while you are perfecting your resume and practicing your …

By Lisa Slater
Lisa Slater Marketing & Events Coordinator
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The Key Attributes Employers are Looking for on Graduates’ Resumes

Students hoping to catch the eye of potential employers through their resume should forego relying only on their strong GPA and instead highlight the attributes and skills they developed in their classwork and through their various experiential assignments, according to 

By Claire Martino
Claire Martino
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🐟Research, Fish, and Tennessee🐟

By Peyton Heisch
Peyton Heisch
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Viking Score Incentives

Check out all these cool things you can get for completing Viking Score activities and earning points!

By Claire Martino
Claire Martino
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Career Resources

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Explore occupations by career categories and pathways and use real time labor market data to power your decision making.

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Skill Building Courses

Creating a Coaching Culture

Taught by Brian Ahearn
To maximize the investment in training and improve employee performance, follow-up is key. Regular coaching is a simple way to…

Women Transforming Tech: Finding Sponsors

Taught by Rashim Mogha
Sponsors are a type of uber mentor who can help you find jobs, overcome common challenges, and advance your career.…

Building Your Cybersecurity Talent Pipeline

Taught by Tia Hopkins
Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent, infrastructures are becoming more complex, and hiring and retaining cybersecurity resources is becoming increasingly difficult.…

The Expat Survival Guide

Taught by Jon Devitt
If you are moving abroad, or work in human resources assisting those who are moving abroad, this course is packed…

Having Career Conversations with Your Team

Taught by Jenny Blake
Learn about a coaching framework that you can apply to help your team members quickly identify ideal outcomes and map…

Letting an Employee Go

Taught by Todd Dewett
Discover how thoughtful preparation and following established best practices are not only important when letting an employee go, but can…

HR Recruiting Communication Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Taught by David Oates
The Great Reshuffle has changed everything about HR communications. In this course, Accredited Public Relations (APR) specialist David Oates shows…

The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier

Taught by LIT Videobooks
Learn practical coaching skills that are applicable on a day-to-day basis and help others unleash their potential. In this course,…

Hire, Retain, and Grow Top Millennial Talent

Taught by Elizabeth (McLeod) Lotardo
More than one-in-three American workers today are millennials. By 2020, millennials will form 50% of the global workforce. The war…

Coaching Yourself to Career Success

Taught by Alicia Reece
More than likely, at some point you’ve felt unhappy about your career. Maybe you felt unfulfilled, undervalued, underutilized, or disempowered.…

How to Give and Receive Useful Feedback Every Month

Taught by Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
The current feedback model is broken. Most employees don’t feel that their annual review is fair or accurate. Craig Dowden…

Coaching New Managers

Taught by Jenny Blake
Of all the changes, promotions, and advancements you may receive at work, few are as impactful as the change from…

Coaching for Continuous Improvement

Taught by Tina Agustiady
How do you help your employees keep improving on the job? You can’t just expect them to read your mind.…

Being a Good Mentor

Taught by Ellen Ensher
Becoming a mentor gives you a way to share your wisdom and knowledge with someone less experienced. People who mentor…

Using Feedback to Drive Performance

Taught by Madecraft
Effective feedback can enhance your employees’ efficiency and overall performance in the workplace. That’s why it’s important to know how…

How to Be a Good Mentee and Mentor

Taught by Emilie Aries
Mentorship can make a difference to anyone’s career—mentees and mentors alike. While they’re often thought of as being one-sided, these…

Coaching New Hires

Taught by Jenny Blake
Welcoming a new team member can involve excitement and nerves—on both sides. This course helps managers find ways to help…

When a Paycheck Is Not Enough

Taught by Boston Consulting Group
Pay, promotion, and benefits have traditionally been the cornerstone of successful hiring and employee retention strategies. But what happens when…

Alison Mann: Animation Talent Scout

Taught by Alison Mann
How do top animation studios find talent? Recruiters like Alison Mann. In this interview, Alison explains how she finds artists…

How to Use Rejection to Your Advantage

Taught by Macmillan Publishers
Rejection can feel like a gut punch when it happens. But what if you could take a moment to process…

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