Gap Year

Taking an intentional year after graduation to gain skills, try new things, experience travel and serve others is a great way to learn about industries, prepare for further education or experience new places and spaces. Some students choose to do this through established service programs, while others create their own. No matter your path or calling, Career Development and Vocation are here to walk you through the decision process and planning next steps.  Schedule an appointment today with handshake.

Gap Year Frequently Asked Questions

A gap year is often taken the year before or after college. This year can serve as a way for students to save extra money, travel, take additional classes, or participate in a service opportunity.

“What can I do during a gap year?”
Anything. There are so many options out there, it just depends on what experience you are looking to gain.

“I think I want to go to graduate school eventually…”
Great! This gap year could be the time that allows you to think about and reflect on what you want from graduate school. You could also take this time to catch up on additional resources.

“What if I want to do something with service or volunteering?”
A gap year is a great time to be involved in a service program, and there are many to choose from. From PeaceCorps to Americorp and beyond, a career coach can help you decide what is the best option for you.

“I’m actually looking to get out and travel during this time”
How exciting! There are many programs that allow you to travel alone or with a cohort. These programs typically have a learning or service component with traveling and exploring being the main focus.

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