Personal Statements

Personal Statements might be used for:

  • Graduate/Professional School
  • Post-Grad Service
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Fellowships
  • Scholarships

A personal statement, which may also be called a statement of purpose or letter of intent, is a special type of writing sample about yourself. It is an applicant’s first impression of you and it is your chance to explain your interests, passions and experiences surrounding your chosen career path. The biggest question to answer in a personal statement is WHY. Why is this field a good fit for you? What has inspired you? What have you accomplished so far? Typically, the statement is 2-4 pages; however, each program will have their own specific requirements.

Your personal statement takes TIME. On average, students will go through at least 6 different drafts of their statement. Start early and make sure to meet with your Career Coach in CORE, the Reading/Writing Center, and your academic advisor to review your statement.

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