Calling all International Vikings!

Cultural Orientation and Adjustment Workshop

  • Tuesday April 9th
  • 5pm-6pm
  • You Belong Lounge-Located in the Gerber Center by the Brew and OSID

We understand that transitioning to a new country can be both exhilarating and challenging. That’s why we’re here to offer valuable support and guidance through our Cultural Orientation and Adjustment Workshop.

This workshop is geared towards international students but we encourage everyone who is interested to attend. This discussion is designed to provide you with essential insights into cultural nuances and social norms of your host country. There will be an open and sincere discussion at the end of the presentation where everyone can share their thoughts on their adjustment to homesickness, culture shock or anything in between.

Don’t let cultural differences hold you back from making the most of your education experience here at Augustana! Join our Cultural Orientation and Adjustment Workshop on April 9th at 5pm in You Belong Lounge, Presented by Sumita Amrik (CORE) and Juanita Treviño Perez (OISSS). Refreshments will be provided.

By Sumita Amrik
Sumita Amrik CORE Career Coach (S.T.E.M and Environment)