Augustana Life Design Studio

In June, 2022, Laura Kestner-Ricketts and Keri Bass had the opportunity to attend a 35 hour course, Stanford University Life Design Studio, funded through the College Career Consortium of Illinois. While it was 35 hours of Zoom training, it was certainly transformative and relevant to the work we are doing with students.

What is a Life Design Studio?

Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, design educators and Silicon Valley innovators developed a hugely successful course and book “Designing Your Life” which has helped thousands change how they live.

Burnett and Evans believe that in order to change, people need a process – a design process- to help them figure out what they want and how to create it.

Designers don’t think their way forward, they BUILD their way forward. Rather than dreaming up a lot of fun fantasies that have no relationship to the real world – or the real you- they show us how to build a future, brick by brick, how to approach our own life design challenges with the same curiosity and creativity that resulted in the creation of the light bulb, printing press and internet with as they give us tools and show us certain ‘mindsets’.

Through their training and development, Keri and Laura are committed to bringing the concepts of Life Design & Design Thinking to the Augustana campus.

Current Projects:

Fall 2022: Augustana Life Design Studio: This eight-week immersive workshop is being offered to team members of CORE and OSID to build a solid foundation to enable life design curriculum and program development within their work with students.  Content accessible only by cohort members, password protected.

December 2022: Augustana Life Design Studio: This two-day immersive workshop is being offered to faculty and staff interested in learning about Life Design and building a solid foundation to enable life design curriculum and program development within their work with students

If you are interested in going through a training or learning more, please contact either Laura or Keri.

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