The Career Development & Vocation Team is ready to assist employers’ general recruitment, internships, and campus networking needs. Whether you are looking to post new jobs, schedule interviews (virtual or in-person), register for a career fair, or participate in a variety of other engagement opportunities, our team is here to help!

To start, please familiarize yourself with our Employer Policy. If you have specific questions not addressed in our online resources or wish to strengthen your relationship with our campus, we encourage you to contact us directly.

General Employer Policies

Augustana College welcomes employers from a variety of backgrounds on both a local and international scale. Employers who are ineligible for our services are organizations that…

Handshake Employer Policies

Augustana College provides Handshake, an online career platform, as an exclusive service to students and recent alumni, as well as employers seeking to hire…

Career Fair Employer Policies

The policies outlined in this section pertain to employer and graduate school recruitment activity at the career fair. We invite organizations to register provided they meet the following basic criteria:

Handshake Logo

Creating a Handshake EMPLOYER Account

 Handshake is an online career platform used for recruiting college students at over 1200 colleges and universities.  

Why Hire Augustana Students?

Our students have the opportunity to understand their Career Readiness Skills using SkillSurvey, an online platform based on the eight Career Readiness Competencies…

Recruiting Engagement Opportunities

We offer several ways for your organization to connect with students. Contact the Career Development & Vocation team to learn more about the employer engagement activities…

On Campus Interviewing: In-Person and Virtual Opportunities

To request an on-campus interview schedule, you will need to have a Handshake account and adhere to our Handshake Employer Polices. Here is how to post an interview schedule…

Hiring International Students

In the current labor market, international hires curve the national shortage of workers. Curious what are the benefits of hiring international students? Maybe your organization has decided to hire international workers but needs a break down of legal jargon or tips on first steps. We are here to help!

Beginner Guide to Internships

Employers meet organization needs while developing emerging professionals by hiring interns. There are many reasons hire interns. Our staff is here to assist you in the process…

Become a Competitive Employer

To stay a competitive destination for young talent, companies need to design and implement an external marketing program to improve the awareness of the company’s unique attributes!

Best Practices for Employer Recruitment

When it comes to campus recruitment channels, traditional high-engagement strategies are deemed most productive among employers satisfied with their campus results.

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Career Resources

Research Experiences for Undergraduate Students (REUs)

Research Experiences for Undergraduate Students or REUs for short are some of the most competitive in the nation and are …

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The presence of job announcements on any website maintained by Augustana College or CORE Career Development does not indicate …

Mission, Vision, Pillars, Pledge

Team members in Career Development & Vocation, part of CORE (Careers, Opportunities, Research, Exploration), are available to provide comprehensive career …

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