Become a Competitive Employer

To stay a competitive destination for young talent, companies need to design and implement an external marketing program to improve the awareness of the company’s unique attributes!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Convey your values in a smart and engaging way.
  • Leverage employees to bring your employer brand and its values to life. Video storytelling can be a smart and cost-effective method for creating authentic, effective content.
  • Showcase creative working spaces, innovative thinking and a fun working environment. Pay special attention to your organization’s culture. Ask yourself “What is true to our organization values, but sets us apart from others?” (Example: “At Petco, we encourage our corporate employees to bring their furry, scaled, and four-legged pets to work every day, all year long,” said CEO Brad Weston.)
  • Highlight unique company benefits.
  • These could include affordable housing, livable wage, vacation, paid parental leave, work from home, etc.
  • Empower your employees to be brand ambassadors.
  • Employees should share why they feel passionate about the company. They can use social media or video testimonials.
  • Today’s professionals want to know how they will fit into your organization.
  • Prospective employees want to better understand the impact they could make. Offer transparent content that anticipates job seekers’ questions. Provide clear, accessible information about the company’s goals, vision and values.
  • Help candidates imagine what it will be like to work for you.
  • Share day-to-day tasks, discuss professional growth and highlight an employee’s career path.

Consider using a variety of formats such as in-person, written advertisements and social media as you create your recruitment content.

For more suggestions of how to recruit Augustana students, contact our Employer Relations Manager for a personal conversation.