Labor Market Insights

Labor Market Insights brings real-time Labor Market Data straight to you.

  • Allows undecided students to embark on career exploration with hard numbers on local salaries and job growth at their fingertips
  • Allows more decided students to use the tool to pursue your chosen path in the smartest possible way
  • Learn more about potential careers by seeing employment trends, salary data, required skills, core tasks and more for any given occupation
  • Search through a list of occupations, sourced by Lightcast, by keyword search, or by filtering through cluster and occupation titles provided by O*Net data
  • Make more informed decisions about your potential career pathway, by allowing you to gain more insight into the context, requirements, and demand for potential occupations within your field of interest

For any given occupation, students can find information on:

  • Occupation description: an overview of the occupation
  • Core tasks: what’s required for the day-to-day of the occupation
  • Employment trends: historical and forecasted occupation demand data with a projected % change in demand over the next 10 years
  • Top employers: top employers hiring for the occupation
  • Education levels: typical education levels for employees in this occupation
  • Annual earnings: average salary for employees in this occupation
  • Technical skills: technical skills required for the occupation
  • Soft skills: soft skills required for the occupation
  • Job titles: typical job titles within the occupational field
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