Candid Career: 8,000+ interview-driven videos with industry professionals 

Curious about what it would be like to work in a certain industry or field? Be sure to take advantage of our newest resource, Candid Career! Candid Career is a video library that houses more than 8,000 interview-driven videos highlighting real people with in-the-trenches experience in their field.

With each Candid Career video, you can choose to watch the full video (which is just a few minutes long) or skip to the parts you’re most interested in by clicking a specific tab, like “how to prepare” or “finding success.” 

To find videos that align with your specific career interests, navigate to any of our career community pages. There, you’ll find dozens of videos featuring professionals working in that particular career area. 

For example, in the Business community, you can hear from Morgan, Senior Vice President of League Economics and Operations at Major League Baseball. Based out of New York, Morgan oversees the competitive and economic system within the sport of baseball. From player entries and trades to gameplay league competition rule changes, Morgan is living and breathing baseball 24/7.

Within the Legal community, Teghan is an Associate Counsel at Achievement First Public Charter Schools in Brooklyn, NY. With a background as a public defender and a passion for social justice, Teghan took on the role of legal counsel for a New York City charter school system to give guidance on compliance to laws involving labor and employment, contracts, safety, and many more.

And if you’re still exploring career paths, you can find information on a range of topics including Gender Inclusive Dressing for Success, Virtual Meeting Etiquette, Career Management, and more!

You can find all this and more in the Featured Career Videos section of our career communities, or by searching ‘All Videos’ in the platform. If you need any help getting started, please contact the career center!