GoinGlobal: Your Ultimate Career and Employment Resource: Job and Internship Search, Country Guides, and H1B/OPT Opportunities

  • H1-B Database: This search engine can be used to identify American employers who have a pattern of seeking to hire international professionals with specific skills, and allows users to identify historical positions, job locations, and salary ranges based on company name, industry, and job title. Users can then apply their findings to search for similar opportunities in GoinGlobal’s job database.
  • Career Guides: GoinGlobal offers more than 120 country and city guides, all developed by local career experts. Each guide averages between 150 and 185 pages in length, and includes everything you need to know to fast track your job search–both at home and abroad.
  • Job Search: GoinGlobal’s customized job search engine provides access to more than 16 million international job openings. Job listings are updated daily and include searchable opportunities in both the   local language and English.
  • Internship Search: With GoinGlobal’s Internships Search, you can quickly identify internship opportunities in more than 60 countries. The Internship Search is designed to maximize the number and variety of results returned in an initial search query. You can then apply filters and additional keywords to narrow the internship search results to the ones that most closely match your objectives.
  • Employer Directory Search: The Key Employer Directory offers up-to-date business intelligence for industry research, networking, and job leads. Explore 500,000+ corporate profiles for leading employers throughout 196 countries.
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