Federal Job Search

Where do I go to apply for federal positions?

All federal jobs can be found on usajobs.gov

You may look on different departmental websites for specific positions, but will eventually be redirected to usajobs.gov for the application. Remember to use the filters on the right hand side of your screen to filter by department, select positions available to the public, select experience level, and other tools to make your search easier!

Do I need anything special to apply for federal jobs?

Yes! While you can use your regular application materials, the federal government allows for significant changes in terms of format, content, and length than a classic resume. Building a federal resume can be time consuming, but is well worth it! Please contact your Career Coach for up-to-date information on federal resumes. A basic resume template is attached at the bottom of this page.

What kinds of jobs are available?

The United States Federal government hires for most areas of interest with a wide variety of positions available. Every department in the government has the same basic needs as any other organization, however the specialized positions may be unique to that department.

Are there internships available?

The Pathways Program is a paid federal work program open to domestic students who are seeking work experience in various fields.  Within these programs students gain real world experience working for the government during their breaks or other available times. This means you may work during the summer, winter break, and potentially weekends if you live within driving distance of the site.

Each department will have Pathways programs open but have different timelines for applications depending on the site that is hiring, so continually check for postings!

What do the pay scale numbers mean?

The various pay scales used represent the type of funding that is used to pay for a position. The vast majority of positions use the General Schedule scale (GS Level). The higher the GS level the more responsibility the position has which is reflected in the higher level of pay. This general rule works for all of the other pay scale formats. Click HERE and HERE for more information on the GS scale and HERE for general information on some of the other pay scales.

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