Making a Budget

Graduating from college and transitioning into the world-of-work can be filled with both excitement and fear.  Among the “adulting” skills needed to survive life after college is, first and foremost, a budget.

Why You Need a Budget

  • Salary Negotiation: In order to negotiate effectively you will need to know how much money you need to live.
  • Keep Track of Where Your Money is Going: Without a way to plan and track income and expenses you may never be able to achieve your financial goals.
  • Saving up for Big Purchase: Being able to sock away extra income in an intentional manner  helps you plan for big purchases such as a car, travel, or your first home.
  • Paying Down any Debt: Being debt free opens so many doors.  Making more than the minimum payments on debt can save you time and money.

Budget Resources

Online Budget Platforms

What do I Include in My Budget?

Write down your expenses using this worksheet. Expenses are what you spend money on.

Budget Worksheet