LSC 401: Career & Life Design: Strategies for Career Success (J-Term)

Proactively managing your career and committing to continuous professional development and life- long learning are cornerstones to career and life fulfillment. Using a design thinking framework, this class will teach students how to design short- and long-term career strategies that will provide a roadmap for proactively navigating through future world of work challenges. Course learnings are intended to guide students through the career reflection and planning process and equip them with the necessary knowledge and key tools to design a career strategy and execute a successful job search.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Identity and personal narrative development
  • Career trajectory frameworks (including key career terminology/concepts)
  • Impact of the 4th industrial revolution and global labor economy on careers
  • Discerning organization culture (and personal fit)
  • Cultivating emotional intelligence; successful interpersonal communication practices (e.g., key speech acts, persuasion, career conversations, etc.)
  • Resiliency theory and practices; strategies for navigating life changes/career transitions
  • Free-agency
  • Leadership development

Final course deliverables will include:

  • Personal branding statement
  • Master resume & cover letter
  • Best practices LinkedIn profile
  • Networking Brief
  • Accomplishment Stories
  • Career Map
  • Career and Life Strategic Plan

This 4-credit J-Term Course is being co-taught by Shelby Olson, alumna and Executive Coach, CareerLife Directions, LLC,  with Laura Kestner-Ricketts, Executive Director, Career & Professional Development.

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