Viking Score: Research Employers

Research Employers| 4pts

Researching employer organizations and careers or fields of interest supports the job search in several ways. Learning all there is to know about a specific employer assists in customizing job search materials and preparing for interviews. Research also helps to identify organizations, job openings, and skills needed for specific careers and industries.

  • To earn your Viking Score Points you must meet with a Career Coach to discuss what you have learned and plan for next steps

Information to review

Mission & Values Commitment to Diversity through Diversity Statements and Diversity Initiatives
Company culture and company reputation Affinity/Identity Groups
Hiring trends Awards or Recognition
Major competitors Inclusive Language
Size of organization Organization Demographics
Location of headquarters and satellite offices Employee Benefits: Holidays and Paid Time Off (floating holidays), Parental Leave (all parents), Flexible Scheduling, Wellness Benefits, Tuition Assistance and Financial Education
Review their financials Check out their social media

 Resources for researching employers:


Reviewing current job descriptions can help make certain you have listed all of the appropriate skills and experiences you possess match with what employers typically seek for particular positions.

For each type of job title or position you are seeking, regardless of location or type of organization, do this:

  • Using or, search for job titles
  • Review each position description
  • Highlight all the skills and requirements listed on the job description that you believe you possess. Only choose those skills and requirements that you could demonstrate or give examples for
  • Incorporate every single one of those items you highlighted into your resume
  • You can do this by adding Action Word Phrases to the positions you have listed on your resume OR you can add a Skill Highlights Section that includes the more general liberal arts skills such as those listed on the Transferable Skills Resource