Hiring International Students

Benefits of Hiring International Students

International students bring a variety of benefits to an organization such as:

  • Cross-cultural competencies and multiple language skills to your organization.
  • Diversity and introduce new perspectives for problem-solving and approaches to business.
  • Maturity, flexibility, dedication and can share business practices for other cultures, helping your organization adapt to new global challenges.
  • Outstanding characteristics that are appealing to top employers, such as knowledge of other cultures, multiple language capabilities and the ability to contribute in a team-centered environment.
  • High-quality skills such as leadership, independence and ability to adapt to change.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT): Hiring International Students as Interns

Curricular Practical Training, known as CPT, is work authorization that allows international students to accept employment that is directly related to their academic program. There is no cost to the student or employer for CPT and processing and approval time for CPT is 10 business days.

Employer role: Provide the student with a Letter of Employment that verifies the following points:

  • Job title
  • Beginning and ending dates of employment
  • Wage/salary being paid
  • Number of hours per week to be worked
  • Place of employment
  • Brief description of work

Student role: Once an internship has been offered, students must schedule an appointment with the Career Development Office to complete the CPT work authorization paperwork. According to U.S. immigration regulations, students engaging in part-time (during the academic year) or full-time (during the summer) work must register the internship for credit.

To meet CPT eligibility requirements, international students must:

  • Have completed one year (academic year) as a full-time student at Augustana.
  • Be in good academic standing with the college.
  • Register the experience for .25 or more credits and obtain a Letter of Employment from the organization.
  • Show proof of authorization: The employer and dates for which the student is authorized to work will appear on the student’s form I-20 (certificate of eligibility). Students cannot begin work before the start date on the form I-20, or continue working after the end date. That said, CPT authorization may be renewable if the student continues to be eligible.

Information directly from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement site