Career Resources for LGBTQIA+ Students

Navigating Your Career Journey as an LGBTQ+ Student: A Comprehensive Resource Guide

As a student or alum whose identities include Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Non-Binary, Gender Non-Conforming, Genderfluid, or Queer, you may encounter unique challenges and considerations during your job search and career development journey. In recognition of these challenges, we’ve compiled a comprehensive resource guide tailored specifically to support LGBTQ+ individuals in their career pursuits.

Career Development & Vocation has created a guide to assist LGBTQIA+ students.

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The updated guide includes:

  • Career and Job Search Considerations: Embarking on a career journey as an LGBTQ+ individual often involves considerations that may not be as prevalent for your straight and cisgender peers. From exploring career options to navigating the job search process, this guide offers invaluable insights and resources to empower you at every step.
  • Career Exploration and Planning: For many LGBTQ+ individuals, college is not only a time for academic growth but also a period of self-discovery and exploration of identity. Our guide acknowledges this intersectionality and encourages you to reflect on how your career aspirations align with your LGBTQ+ identity. Whether you’re considering a career path directly related to LGBTQ+ advocacy or seeking ways to incorporate your identity into your professional life, we provide guidance to help you make informed decisions.
  • Highlighting Your Strengths: Your experiences as an LGBTQ+ individual contribute to a unique set of strengths and perspectives that can enrich any workplace. We encourage you to recognize and embrace these qualities as you craft your resume, cover letters, and prepare for interviews. Whether it’s your empathy, cultural awareness, or advocacy skills, your LGBTQ+ identity can be a valuable asset in your career journey.
  • Job Search Strategies: Navigating the job market as an LGBTQ+ individual requires awareness of varying attitudes and protections across different regions. Our guide offers practical advice on researching potential employers, disclosing your LGBTQ+ identity during the hiring process, and addressing potential challenges such as name discrepancies on legal documents.
  • Dressing and Presenting Authentically: Choosing how to present yourself in professional settings can be particularly complex for gender expansive and queer individuals. We provide insights into navigating this aspect of your job search, emphasizing the importance of authenticity while considering the cultural norms of different industries and organizations.
  • Sharing Your Identity in Interviews: During interviews, you may face questions about your sexuality or gender identity. Our guide equips you with strategies for handling these inquiries tactfully and confidently, while also highlighting the strengths and unique perspectives you bring as an LGBTQ+ candidate.
  • Evaluating Employer Culture: Assessing the inclusivity of potential employers is crucial for finding a supportive work environment. We provide a checklist of factors to consider, along with indicators that can help you gauge an organization’s commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion.
  • Local and National Resources: In addition to career guidance, our resource guide includes a wealth of local and national LGBTQ+ resources. Whether you’re seeking community support, healthcare services, or advocacy organizations, we’ve curated a list of valuable resources to support various aspects of your life as an LGBTQ+ individual.

Your LGBTQ+ identity is an integral part of who you are, and it should be celebrated and embraced in all aspects of your life, including your career. Our comprehensive resource guide aims to empower you on your career journey, providing practical advice, supportive resources, and a reaffirmation of the value you bring to the workplace as an LGBTQ+ individual.

Remember, your identity is a strength, not a barrier, and there is a supportive community ready to champion your success every step of the way. Embrace your authentic self, pursue your passions, and seize the opportunities that await you in the world of work. Your future is bright, and your journey is yours to define.

By Laura Kestner-Ricketts
Laura Kestner-Ricketts Executive Director, Career and Professional Development