Engineering Resume Template

There are many ways to write a resume, however at Augustana College we use the most up to date industry knowledge and standards to help market your skills to employers.

Please use this as a template not the final version of your document. 

Unique elements for Engineers:

  • A skills section that highlights some of the more common coding and software skills
    • This can be formatted in a variety of ways, the example provided uses a very basic version of this

Other things to consider adding:

  • Research experience
  • Project work
  • Leadership experience
  • Related coursework
    • Not a list but an explanation of the course content and important projects or assignments


  • A resume is 1 or 2 pages in length, and if using a second page it must be full
  • A CV (curriculum vitae) is different than a resume and does not have page length requirements
  • Customize your document to the position you are applying for using terminology from the posting
  • Schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to go over your unique document and needs
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