Law School Timeline

Below is a timeline for considering, applying, and accepting a spot within a law school program. Keep in mind that this process is long and can be difficult. Go at your own pace, find your stride, confide in your people, and do your best!

18-24 months before law school:

  • Reflect on your overall goals
  • Research legal career paths
  • Talk to a pre law advisor
  • Make an LSAT study plan
  • Research law schools
  • Visit schools
  • Create a tracking system for your applications
  • Take a practice LSAT
  • Create an LSAC account
  • Prepare for the cost

14-18 months before law school:

  • Take the LSAT
  • Continue visiting schools
  • Ask for recommendation letters

8-12 months before law school:

  • Finalize your law school
  • Register with LSACs credential assembly service
  • Fill out law school applications
  • Write your personal statement and application essays
  • Request transcripts
  • Search for scholarships / grants

3-8 months before law school:

  • Make your decision
  • Check out housing
  • Attend any open houses

1-3 months before law school:

  • Meet enrollment requirements