Virtual Fairs

Find a quiet spot and a neutral background
Try to limit potential distractions for yourself and for the recruiters. Plan where you will be sitting during the event ahead of time—make sure it’s quiet and there is a plain background behind you. Keep the recruiter’s eye focused on you.

Contact Career Development & Vocation to reserve an interview room if you do not have a proper space for your interview.

Arrive on time
It’s very important to show up at your selected session start time. Being on time shows the recruiter or employee ambassador that you’re dependable and respectful of their time as well. Plan to spend 10-15 minutes prior to your interview times to test your technology, review your background, and settle yourself.

Read this blog post on Top tips for dealing with pre-interview nerves

Maintain eye contact and practice active listening. Consider smiling and nodding occasionally as you would during an in-person conversation. Limit any distractions around you so that you’re not tempted to look away from your computer screen.