Registering Internships at Augustana College

Students are encouraged to include their internship experience on their official transcripts. Students have the option of registering a 0-12 credit internship. A maximum of 12 internship credits may be applied toward graduation requirements. Visit the Augustana College Catalog for more details and policies about internship credits. All Augie Choice or Augustana grant funded internships must be registered for at least 0 credits.

Types of internships:

  • Traditional Internship – Usually the length of one semester/term or academic year; a well-rounded experience working in a professional environment
  • Micro-Internship – A short term professional project or assignment; may be eligible for credit depending on length and scope of the project
  • Shadowing/Observation – Typically takes place in a health care environment; observing professionals as they perform everyday work to gain an understanding of the profession

Registration procedures:

Registration for an internship must be completed within the published add/drop period. Talk with your academic advisor during your advising appointment about your internship and how it fits with your academic plan. To register your internship, you must meet with the Assistant Director of Internships in CORE. You can set up an appointment through Handshake by selecting one of the “Internship Registration” appointment types. Internship registrations cannot be done on a drop-in basis.

Information needed to register your internship:

  • Employer Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Dates of Internship
  • Student ID Number
  • Student Phone Number
  • Site Supervisor Name
  • Employer Address
  • Employer Email
  • Employer Phone
  • Total number of credit hours to be registered
  • Whether the internship will be taken for major/minor credit or general credits
    • If the internship will be taken for major/minor credit, you must know which faculty member will be supervising the internship.

International students must make a CPT Work Authorization appointment with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services prior to the start of their internship to file the appropriate paperwork, per federal regulations.


  • What are sources of funding for internships?
    Students have multiple options for funding an internship. Students are encouraged to use their Augie Choice. In addition, the CORE Office has limited need-based grant funding available. The majority of these funding opportunities have application deadlines in the spring and are awarded for summer experiences. Internships funded through the College must be registered for a minimum of 0 credits. Please visit CORE for more information.
  • What are the academic requirements for students completing internships?
    Students registering their internship through CORE will be required to complete an online course with several reflection assignments and a final paper. Students will be provided with an outline of what is expected of them during the registration meeting with Career Development staff. If a student registers an internship under an academic department, the assignments are determined by the supervising faculty member.
  • How are internships graded?
    Students registering a 0 credit internship through CORE will receive a letter grade, A-F, assessed by completion of the required reflection assignments and submission of required hourly logs. Students registering a credit bearing internship through CORE will receive a P/NC grade, also assessed by completion of the reflections and hour logs. If a student registers an internship under an academic department, the grading is determined by the supervising faculty member.
  • What is the cost to complete an internship?
    If an internship is taken during the school year, credits included with tuition can include internship credits. Full-time tuition for only one semester in an academic year covers enrollment in up to 17 credits of instruction. If internship credits push a student over this limit overload fees will be charged. If the internship is taken in the summer for one or more credits, the cost per credit is determined by the college and is not covered by financial aid. There is no cost for students participating in 0 or .25 credit internships.
  • Why would a student take a 0 or .25 credit internship?
    Students most often register 0 or .25 credit internships in order to receive grant funding and have their experience reflected on their academic transcript. This provides the flexibility of allowing students to have the experience on their transcript and receive supervision and support from the college.
    International students must register internships for credit per federal regulations. The .25 credit option fulfills this federal regulation allowing students to complete an experiential internship without incurring additional tuition fees.
  • Can students retroactively register credits for an internship which has already been completed?
  • Can students register internships after the registration “Add” deadlines?
    Very rarely. Students wishing to register internships after the published course “Add” deadline must petition for approval from the Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees. Most petitions will be denied, so it is important to secure your internship before the published course “Add” deadline. Students approved for late registration will be charged a late registration fee as determined by the College.