Electronic Signature

Adding an electronic signature to documents you send electronically or as PDF attachments can add a more professional look. Take a few minutes to create your electronic signature as an image to add to any future correspondence.

  1. Use a blank piece of unlined white paper
  2. Using a black thick marker (a Sharpie works well) and sign your name as you would any document, but make it much larger (1-2 inches from top to bottom)
  3. Scan your signature using a photocopier (this is best for clarity)
  4. Alternatively, take a photo, using your phone. Be sure the background is WHITE, not shadowed
  5. Crop the image as close to the edges of the signature as possible
  6. Save the image/document as an image (jpg, png)
  7. Insert as needed
  8. When using in a document, be sure to save your document as a PDF to keep the formatting