Viking Score: Handshake Profile

Handshake Profile | 2 pts

Handshake allows students to schedule appointments with CORE, find career development resources, connect with employers, locate internship, part-time, and full-time positions, and register for career events.

  • Create or complete your Handshake profile using the Handshake Profile Checklist (click “View Resource” listed below) as a guide.
  • Use Handshake to search for jobs, internships, career resources, and career-related events.
  • Report that you’ve completed your Handshake Profile here: Viking Score activity

Let Handshake Do the Work for You

Having a complete Handshake Profile opens access to features of Handshake that you may not know exist. Using the attached Handshake Checklist, complete your profile and enjoy these benefits:

  • Targeted Notifications: Receive position openings, notifications of career events, and employer information for items that are specifically targeted to students who share your career interests.
  • For You: Items under the For You section will better match your career goals. Planning on going to graduate school? You’ll be the first to learn of opportunities for students going to graduate school.
  • Employer Connections: Vetted employers are able to search for candidates based on certain skills and criteria. With a completed profile you will get more traffic from employers seeking candidates with your skills
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