Viking Score: Volunteer or Community Service

Volunteer or Community Service | 4pts

Give back while learning new skills through 10 hours of Volunteer or Community Service. Volunteering for a day, once a month, or for a full semester can expose you to a variety of new experiences that could help you make more intentional career choices and build new skills.

Why is volunteerism and community service a good career development move? Because the action provides several components that can help volunteers advance in the future. We will discuss several of these components in more detail.

One of the most clear-cut career development benefits of volunteerism and community service is the ability to create new skills and sharpen existing ones for participants. Volunteers are given the opportunity to practice skills, learn new techniques, and observe others who may be more adept in a specific role or opportunity. Volunteerism and community service take training out of the classroom and gives individuals hands-on experience. Volunteerism and community service also create the opportunity to sharpen existing skills and learn best practices.

Another career development benefit of volunteerism and community service is the actions networking potential. Filling volunteer and community service opportunities introduces a volunteer to new groups of people who may work or know others in a volunteer’s desired industry. Face-to-face networking is still one of the most important actions that a person can take.

One of the most beneficial career development benefits for volunteers is the ability to add volunteerism experience to their resume and cover-letter credentials. Employers, across the world, value philanthropy as an activity that goes above and beyond. Volunteerism and community service can separate a job seeker from other applicants and demonstrate leadership to potential employers. Volunteerism and community service also demonstrate that a candidate is passionate about giving back to the community.

Action-word phrases to consider adding to your resume as a result of volunteerism and community service:

  • Empowered to work as part of a team
  • Challenged to be in situations with others holding diverse ideas and new ways of thinking
  • Treat other people, including those of different backgrounds, beliefs, and gender with fairness and respect
  • Developed a passion for giving back to others
  • Act in accordance with the highest possible standards of ethics and integrity
  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information