What is keeping you from visiting your Career Coach?

I read a quote in The Observer by a student who, referring to her time at a JCPenney Suit Up Event, said, “Where fear of the future and our own inadequacy regularly keeps us from appointments in the CORE office, the event was successful because it didn’t identify what we lacked. It was a study group in identity, helping us showcase our best strengths in professional appearance.”

This prompted me to think of reasons students might be hesitant to visit CORE and meet with a Career Coach. What is holding you back?

Fear of Judgment: Students may worry that a career coach will judge their career choices, goals, or academic performance. TRUTH: Career coaches are non-judgmental, supportive guides who are here to help, not criticize.

Lack of Clarity: Many students may not have a clear career path in mind, which can make them hesitant to seek guidance. TRUTH: You do not need to have it all figured out. Career coaches focus on helping students explore their interests, values, and strengths and offering tools and resources for figuring it out.

Overwhelm: The prospect of making long-term career decisions can be overwhelming for some students. TRUTH: Career coaches can break the process into manageable steps, focusing on short-term goals and providing guidance on building skills and experience.

Feeling Unprepared: Students may think they need to be more academically or professionally accomplished before seeking career guidance. TRUTH: Career coaches can help you see that it’s never too early to start planning and that our services are relevant to all stages of a student’s academic journey.

Anxiety About the Future: The uncertainty of the job market and future career prospects can be a significant source of anxiety. TRUTH: Career coaches can provide information about current job and grad school trends to reassure students that they have options.

Not Knowing What to Expect: Some students may be hesitant because they don’t know what a career coaching session entails. TRUTH: Check out the following information to help you understand:

Stigma Surrounding Seeking Help: There may be a stigma around seeking help in some cultures or among certain groups of students. TRUTH: Career coaching is simply a resource to connect you to the tools you need for career success. Think of it as professional development for your career!

Misinformation: Students may have heard myths or misconceptions about career coaching that discourage them from seeking help. TRUTH: Career coaches are dedicated to creating a positive, welcoming space for all students. Any misconceptions can be addressed directly and accurate information about the benefits of services will be provided.

Regardless of your reason, the team in Career Development & Vocation and CORE is here for each and every one of you. When you’re ready, come on in! How to make an appointment

By Laura Kestner-Ricketts
Laura Kestner-Ricketts Executive Director, Career and Professional Development