List of Faculty & Staff Career Champions

The following Augustana College Faculty & Staff have completed their training and are now a part of the Career Readiness Champions Network.

  1. Allen, Ashley, Director, Student Inclusion and Diversity (2022-2023 cohort)
  2. Barringer, Allie, Assistant Professor Psychology and Neuroscience (2023-2024 cohort)
  3. Baugous, Amanda, Professor of Business Administration, (2023-2024 cohort)
  4. Boone, George, Visiting, Assistant Professor of Business Administration (2023-2024 cohort)
  5. Brill, Ken, Associate Dean and Vice-President of Student Life, Leadership and Engagement (2022-2023 cohort)
  6. Brosius, Tierney, Associate Professor of Biology, Dr. Larry P. Jones Endowed Fellow in the Natural, Sciences (2023-2024 cohort)
  7. Burgchardt, Lucy, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies (2023-2024 cohort)
  8. Carton, Amy, Assistant Director of Admissions for Operations and Communications (2023-2024 cohort)
  9. Colmenares, America, Assistant Professor of Spanish (2023-2024 cohort)
  10. Corts, Daniel, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience (2023-2024 cohort)
  11. Coussens, Jeffrey, Professor of Theatre Arts (2023-2024 cohort)
  12. Crawford, Alex, Director of Academic Support, Learning Commons (2023-2024 cohort)
  13. Daniels, Kelly, Professor of English (2023-2024 cohort)
  14. Dyer, Josh, Associate professor of engineering physics (2022-2023 cohort)
  15. Egan, Mike, Professor of Education, Chair (2022-2023 cohort)
  16. Ericson, Ann, Professor of Business, Administration (2023-2024 cohort),
  17. Feigley, Kelli, Faculty, Entertainment Media Film + Fresh Films Managing Director (2022-2023 cohort)
  18. Frank, Nathan, Professor of Physics, (2023-2024 cohort)
  19. Gould, Deke, Continuing Lecturer of Philosophy (2022-2023 cohort)
  20. Haley, Madison, Professional Faculty/Clinical Supervisor (2022-2023 cohort)
  21. Harrington, Ian, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Chair (2022-2023 cohort)
  22. Haskill, Alli, CSD Dept Chair and MS-SLP Program Director (2022-2023 cohort)
  23. Kalas, Taddy, Professor of French (2023-2024 cohort)
  24. Koontz, Jason, Professor of Biology (2023-2024 cohort)
  25. Kopatich, Ryan, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience (2023-2024 cohort)
  26. Kunde, Meg, Comm Studies Associate Professor (2022-2023 cohort),
  27. Lambrecht, James, Professor, Co-Chair, & Director of Bands, Augustana Symphonic Band, Trumpet, Conducting (2023-2024 cohort)
  28. Lashley, Sarah, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, (2022-2023 cohort)
  29. Lawrence, Tom, Director of Golf (2022-2023 cohort)
  30. Lorenz, Megan, Assistant Professor, Psychology (2022-2023 cohort)
  31. Magalhaes, Mariano, Professor of Political, Science (2023-2024 cohort)
  32. Martinez, Leticia, Office Assistant, Office of Student Inclusion and Diversity (2022-2023 cohort)
  33. Melton, Olivia, Associate Professor of Accounting (2022-2023 cohort)
  34. Molapo, Tšooane, Director of Institutional Research (2022-2023 cohort),
  35. Morse, Margaret, Professor of Art – Art History, Chair (2023-2024 cohort)
  36. Mueller, Diane, Adjunct Assistant, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science (2023-2024 cohort)
  37. Murphy, Kimberly, Associate Professor of Biology; Director of Center for the Advancement of Community Health and Wellness (2022-2023 cohort)
  38. Nagase, Mari, Professor of Japanese (2022-2023 cohort)
  39. Nodulman, Jessica, Associate Professor of Communication Studies (2022-2023 cohort)
  40. Oliger, Julie, Administrative Assistant, Education Department (2023-2024 cohort)
  41. Oliver, Tony, Continuing Lecturer, Associate Professor of Music,(2022-2023 cohort)
  42. Perreau, Ann, Administrative Assistant, Education Department (2023-2024 cohort)
  43. Pupillo, Melinda, Campus Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Development (2023-2024 cohort)
  44. Quinn, Megan, Professor of Art (2023-2024 cohort)
  45. Reisner, Michael, Chair, Environmental Studies and Director, Upper Mississippi Center Sustainable Communities (2022-2023 cohort)
  46. Simonsen, Jane, Professor of History (2023-2024 cohort)
  47. Steele, Tia, Assistant Director of Student, Life, Coordinator of Greek Life (2023-2024 cohort)
  48. Stough, Shara, Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience (2023-2024 cohort)
  49. Szafran, Lisa, Associate Professor of Psychology (2022-2023 cohort)
  50. Terronez, Micaela, Special Collections Librarian and Instructor (2023-2024 cohort)
  51. Wegman-Geedey, Dara, Professor of Biology and Chair, Public Health (2022-2023 cohort)
  52. Williamson, Austin, Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience (2023-2024 cohort)
  53. Wilmsmeyer, Amanda, Associate Professor of Chemistry, (2022-2023 cohort)
  54. Yaschur, Carolyn, Associate Professor of Communication, Studies (2023-2024 cohort)
  55. Zhang, Xiaowen, Professor of Political Science Chair (2022-2023 cohort)
  56. Zhou, Lina, Professor of Business Administration (2022-2023 cohort)