Jen Bevington is co-director of the Redwood Coast K16 Collaborative at Sonoma State University. The program is a new effort to link data systems of K16 in the northwest counties in California and expand workforce development in education (encouraging students to go into teaching) and health care (encouraging students to go into medical fields) through guided pathways in high schools. Her overall field is college access.

“When I was in college, I used a similar service through the career counseling center and wrote a survey to alumni whose jobs interested me. The person whose job interested me the most was a museum director. I designed an internship at the Putnam Museum to check out the field and loved it,” says Bevington. “The first 20 years of my career were in museum education in Chicago, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. I transitioned to higher education because I had always worked in educational access. I love connecting with students and would be happy to help.”

Graduation year: 1984

Post-grad: M.A. in Education (emphasis: organization and leadership) from University of San Francisco

Majors: English, Spanish

Campus activities: Community advisor, CUBOM, Pom-Pom

Work Experience
  • Educational Equity Professional
  • Sonoma State University
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Education, Viking Connections
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