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Tech Ethics: Avoiding Unintended Consequences

Both users and creators of technology are starting to notice projects with a troubling lack of ethical considerations. News headlines highlight the issues these products introduce, from the spread of disinformation to the monetization of user data at the expense of individual privacy. This course digs into this weighty topic without taking itself too seriously. In a series of amusing scenarios, instructor Raina Kumra goes over emerging risks in tech, as well as what you can do to create more thoughtful, secure products.

Explore practical ways to bring ethics into your daily standups, quarterly reviews, or board meetings. Learn how to create a checklist containing pertinent questions you can apply to your product and processes. Plus, get suggestions on how to permanently integrate these changes into your work culture. Along the way, catch special appearances from guests like DJ Patil—the former US chief data scientist—and comedian, activist, and writer Baratunde Thurston.

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