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Cybersecurity Careers: Become a Penetration Tester

This introductory course on becoming a penetration tester explains what pen testing offers as a career path and what you need to do to break into the industry. Instructor Tennisha Martin shows you how to assess if a pen testing career is right for you and covers the skills and knowledge foundations necessary to excel in this career. Tennisha presents a self-assessment where you can learn what the career involves and what interaction skills and technical skills you need. She goes over operating systems, risk fundamentals, and web and network fundamentals. Tennisha introduces you to ethical hacking techniques and then guides you through ways to get hands-on experience, including how to represent your home lab as experience on your resume and LinkedIn profile. People often think that they’ve got to get more certifications, more education, and more time before they can pursue a career in pen testing, but Tennisha helps you discover why you should jump in and get started.

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