WaterCon 2024

American Water Works Association Illinois Section 2024 Annual Conference. Augustana Students present about partnership with Rock Island City, along with how they have worked to create deliverables for the Illinois EPA! Check out what these students worked on at the Illinois EPA website!

Zack Horve is the GIS Modeling Specialist. He presented on GIS predictive modeling in relation to age of home and spatial distance from other homes identified with lead water piping infrastructure .

Erik Bergren is the Equitable Finance Specialist. He presented on how to create a finance plan in reaction to the Illinois law, while considering how to be equitable.

Adri Reyes is the Community Data Specialist. She presented on community outreach along with how to connect local data to GIS.

Dr. Kimberly Murphy Director of the Center for the Advancement of Community Health and Wellness said,

“WaterCon provided our students the opportunity to share their lead service line community-based research project methods and results with a diverse group of professionals and experts all focused on safe and sustainable water practices. The students also discussed the life skills they developed that are valuable for their personal growth.”

The image above on the left begins with Travis Matlick , Pat O’Brien, and Jason Upton who work for Rock Island Public Works. They along with others partnered with students, faculty, staff, and the community to ensure lead pipes outside of the home that carry our drinking water are to be replaced within the next 20 years.

By Peyton Heisch
Peyton Heisch