David Staples Augie Choice Reflection

David Staples is currently a Senior Psychology Major.

Wrongly convicted for a crime that he didn’t commit, David spent 29 years of his life in prison. Before the Innocence Project proved his innocence and David was released in 2022, he attended college behind bars through the Augustana Prison Education Program. He is now a senior on Augustana’s main campus and intends to go to graduate school to become a counselor.

David decided to use his Augie Choice to work with Heart of Hope Outreach. Here is his reflection:

“Interning with Heart of Hope Outreach (HOH) has been a profoundly transformative experience that has left an enduring imprint on my understanding of community service and the impact a small organization can have on a community. Beyond the academic understanding on psychology, I have gained practical insights into the application of psychological concepts in real-world scenarios. Witnessing the tangible impact of HOH on individuals in need has fueled my passion for community service and has become the cornerstone in the foundation of my vocational aspirations, guiding me towards a career that seamlessly integrates psychological insights with leadership and communication proficiency within the realm of community engagement”

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By Claire Martino
Claire Martino