This week’s Viking Connectors: Behavioral Ecologist and Marine Biologist & Career and Leadership Coach and Principal

Perhaps the most useful way to learn what a career is all about is to find someone doing that career and connect with them.  Augustana Colleges has more than 10,000 alumni active on LinkedIn and 96 of them have signed up as Viking Connectors to assist current students regarding all things career.  They are ready and waiting to help you learn what a job or city or field is really like, understand how to get started in an internship or job, and know what it takes to achieve a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Each week we will highlight two of our Viking Connectors.  The links below share effective ways to reach out and connect with them plus links to find other Viking Connectors who might fit best with what you are seeking.

Kara Noonan
Researcher PHD Student, Rice University 

  • Graduation year: 2015
  • Post-grad: In progress, PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Rice University
  • Major: Geography, Biology
  • Campus activities: Delta Chi Theta Sorority; Cheerleading
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Shelby Olson
Career and Leadership Coach and Principal, CareerLife Directions LLC

  • Graduation year: 1979
  • Post-grad: MS Human Resource Management
  • Majors: Psychology and sociology
  • Campus activities: Delta Chi Theta Sorority, Greek Council, Psi Chi
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By Nicole Grafon
Nicole Grafon