Internships & Scholarships in Africa – Summer 2023

Summer Internships in Zimbabwe & Morocco
Scholarships available!

Intern in Zimbabwe this Summer:
Coordinated by an NGO named the Painted Dog, a Conservation Ecology initiative dedicated to protect endangered species in that African nation.

Internship opportunities:

        • Conservation Biology
        • Environmental Science
        • Veterinary Assistance
        • Botany & Habitat Restoration
        • Data Collection for Scientific Research
        • Animal Surveys, Species Identification

Dates: June 13 – July 14, 2023

Cost: (includes basic meals, housing, local transportation, gear) $3,400* for 4 weeks
*Scholarships available through Augustana. Contact Pedro Bidegaray, for more information

Participants in this program will:

          • Receive mentorship from the world’s leading conservation biologist of endangered African painted dogs.
          • Go on a 10 day field camp experience in the African bush.
          • Collect specimens and prepare for genetic extraction and analysis.
          • Prepare plants for habitat restoration activities.

Intern in Morocco this Summer
Coordinated by Lankey, an initiative located in Rabat, dedicated to provide international students with the opportunity to learn about culture and societal concerns in Morocco.

Internship Opportunities:

          • Health Sciences
          • Language Education
          • Business & Marketing
          • Computer Science
          • Graphic Design

 Dates: July 3 to August 13, 2023

Cost: (includes 3 meals per day during week days, housing, transportation and trips) $2,500-$3,750** depending on length of stay 4, 5 and 6 week options
**Scholarships available through Augustana. Contact Pedro Bidegaray, for more information

Participants in this program will:

          • Learn French and Arabic through weekly classes.
          • Learn about Moroccan culture and traditions through cultural immersive activities outside of class. (Museum visits, conversations with Moroccan fellows, Sahara tour)
          • Visit incredible sites such as Marrakech, Chefchaouen, CasaBlanca, Tangier

 Deadlines are approaching quickly! Contact Pedro Bidegaray,  in International & Off-Campus Programs for more information.


By Beth Ford
Beth Ford Career Coach for the Health Sciences & First Year Student Advisor