Student Employment Job Description Guidelines

The process of writing a job description requires having a clear understanding of the position duties and responsibilities. In order to write an accurate description, it is important to sit down and do a job analysis prior to creating a job description. The job analysis should address the mental/physical tasks involved; how the job will be done (what equipment will be used); the reason the job exists (what need is it filling); what qualifications are needed to successfully perform the job.

The following items should be included in every position description: Job Title, Days/Hours, Summary, Duties and Responsibilities, Competencies/Qualifications, and Learning Outcomes.

Job Title
The job title should accurately reflect the nature of the job. Titles should be short, concise, and somewhat self-explanatory.  Job seekers often base interest on job titles alone, so the more obscure your title, the less likely they will be to explore the posting details. 


  • Theater Office Student Worker
  • Costume Studio Stitcher
  • Accounting Social Media & Marketing Assistant

Term/Semester PLUS Days/Hours
Include whether the position will work during the academic year, if it includes hours over J-Term (requires students to be enrolled in J-Term Course), or if it is a summer position.  If applicable, list specific summer dates. Include the typical working days of week and the average number of hours per week, Monday – Friday, scheduled term by term (approximately 10 hours/week per student), hours lessened/flexible over finals week. If a position is offered in summer as well as academic year, specify the hours per week for each term.

EXAMPLES: Spring/Fall: M-F, 8-10 hours per week: Summer: 35 hours per week; Fall/Spring/J-Term: 5 hours per week

Position Overview
Provide an overview regarding the nature and overall purpose of the job. This section should be 2-3 sentences long and describe the general nature of the job, as well as a few main responsibilities, functions, and duties. It should be informative enough so applicants will know if they are interested in and/or qualified for the job.

EXAMPLE: The Career Development Graphic Design/Marketing Assistant is responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive marketing and social media plans promoting events, resources, and services. This position is 40 hours a week during the summer.

Duties and Responsibilities
Explain the day-to-day responsibilities of the job. Start by listing out the essential functions of the position. Essential job functions are responsibilities that are 5% or greater of the employee’s workload. All the essential functions should add up to 100% of the job position.  This section should be in bullet point format, with no more than 1-2 sentences for each point. Each point should start with an action verb and contain a purpose. Be sure to include main/major responsibilities and convey expectations. Make sure points are accurate, and completely yet concisely describe the duties and responsibilities.


  • Write and post updates using all social media platforms used and reply to comments, messages, etc.
  • Assist kitchen staff in preparing hot and cold food items for dining center or catering events
  • Support international applicants and visitors attending upcoming events, deadlines, etc. for Augustana College.

Position Assessment
All positions will be reviewed using an assessment rubric to determine the wage. In order for Student Employment staff to properly assess each position please include details with scope of responsibilities and required skills in the job description.

List the minimum requirements of the job position. Be sure to write the qualifications for the position you need, not the person who may currently be in the position.  The use of bullet points will allow applicants to easily “check off” each requirement. Include level of education, background, any certificates, training or other required or preferred qualifications. Note the abilities candidates should have, equipment proficiency, and other job-related abilities.


  • Ability to work with limited supervision and in collaboration with other employees
  • Excellent communication skills with a focus on meeting the needs of a diverse campus population
  • Ability to listen, understand, ask clarifying questions, and follow through on weekly and long-range projects

Position Outcomes
By tying career readiness competencies and learning outcomes to student employment positions, students can more easily connect the work they are doing to the skills they are developing. Department supervisors should include at least three career readiness competencies or learning outcomes as part of the job description.  Career Readiness Competencies/Learning Outcomes

EXAMPLE: Financial Aid Student Office Assistant

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking & Information Literacy
  • Professionalism

Many jobs on campus offer additional perks that students may not know. Be sure to include any perks that come with the job (free t-shirts, networking opportunities with alumni, comped lunches on visit days, opportunities to work full time in the summer, etc.)

EXAMPLES: Flexible scheduling; Remote work possible