Student Employment Hiring Guidelines

This procedure is to provide clear direction on how to properly recruit, interview, and hire a student employee within a department.

  1. All new positions must be approved using the Student Employment Position Request procedure prior to continuing to step b.
    • Department supervisor reviews Student Employment Job Description Guidelines and Sample Job Description
    • Department supervisor creates a job description that includes the following required pieces of information. Incomplete job descriptions will be returned: Job Title, Term/Semester, Days/Hours, Position Overview, Duties and Responsibilities, Position Outcomes
  1. NOTE: positions submitted for posting without prior approval will not be approved for posting
    Post the position on Handshake using the approved wage
    • Log into Handshake using your Augustana email credentials
    • You have two types of accounts: Student and Employer. In order to post a position you will need to be under your employer account.
      1. Under your name in the upper-right-hand corner, select “Switch Users” then “Switch to Employers Account”
      2. If this is not an option you will need to email career development to request an employer account. Let them know that you need to be added to the “Student Employment at Augustana College” account.
    • Select the “post a job” button on the main dashboard or click on the left “jobs” menu and click the “create job” button on the top right of the page.
    • Complete the form fully, including the basics, position details, screening preferences, and schools to which you want to post the position (be sure to select Augustana College).

  2. Advertise the position: Consider sharing the position with your current staff and networks by including the Handshake link generated by posting the position.  Once posted on Handshake, the link will automatically be shared with all current students through Handshake and on the Career Development & Vocation website.

  3. Collect applications: Set a deadline for applications and collect resumes, cover letters, and any other required documents from interested candidates. You can use an online application form through Handshake or email as the method of submission.

  4. Review applications: Review each application to shortlist candidates who meet the required qualifications. Pay attention to educational background, relevant experience, skills, and any additional criteria you’ve set.

    Augustana sets priority hiring for 1) students with federal work study and 2) international students.  If you are unsure of each candidate’s status, contact career development to request a look up.

  5. Check for previous dismissal: Student Employment has created a listing of current students who have been terminated from on campus positions along with information about the reasons for dismissal.  Contact career development with the names of those students you are pursuing to see if any of them may be a hiring risk for your position. 

  6. Conduct interviews: Schedule interviews with the shortlisted candidates. Prepare a set of questions to assess their suitability for the position. Consider asking about their availability, their ability to balance work and studies, and their motivation for applying.

  7. Check references: Before making a final decision, request and contact references provided by the top candidates to verify their skills, work ethic, and reliability. This step is particularly important if the student employee will have significant responsibilities.

  8. Make a selection: Based on the interviews, application materials, and reference checks, choose the most suitable candidate for the position. Notify the selected candidate and discuss the terms and conditions of employment, such as wages, working hours, start date, and any necessary paperwork.

  9. Complete paperwork: Direct the student to complete required paperwork prior to student starting.  Students cannot begin training or working and will not be paid until all required paperwork is complete. 

  10. Onboarding and training: Once all paperwork is completed, provide an orientation for the student employee. Familiarize them with the department’s policies, procedures, safety guidelines, and their specific role within the team. Offer any necessary training to help them succeed in their position.

  11. Monitor performance: Regularly evaluate the student employee’s performance and provide constructive feedback. Offer support and guidance as needed.