LinkedIn Alumni Tool

The Alumni section of the Augustana College LinkedIn Page provides high-level insights about Augie alumni.  It also allows access to the more detailed professional profiles alumni have shared.

To access Augustana College’s Alumni Tool:

  • Visit the Augustana College LinkedIn Page
  • Click the Alumni tab
  • Common searches include:
    • Range of graduation years
    • Where they live
    • Where they work
    • What they do
    • What they studied
    • What they are skilled at

Invite them into your network by sending a personalized LinkedIn connection request letting them know you are both part of the Augie family.

I see you graduated from Augustana College.  I am interested in learning more about your career path in __________________________.  Would you be willing to connect and share any advice as I break into the field?  Thank you in advance.

Engaging Your Network

Once you connect, send customized messages (no mass emails!) to let people know what you are seeking; whether it be internships, full-time jobs, specific information about an organization, etc.

Important: the purpose of this connection is NOT to ask for a job. “Hi! It’s nice to meet you. Want to hire me?” is not effective networking. Be discrete. Be patient!

Ask for advice, an informational interview, or if they know anyone in your desired field. Connect one-on-one and others will be willing to make the effort for you.

I’ll be graduating in May with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology.  I’m taking a year off before applying to graduate school.  I would like to spend the year conducting research in a lab.  Do you know anyone with whom I could connect in this industry or field?  Thank you in advance.

I’m a junior exploring career options in psychology.  I know you work as a therapist.  Might you be able to connect for an informational interview?  I would like to learn more about your career path.  Thank you in advance.