Jenn Darby is working with Augustana as an On-Campus Admissions Counselor and helps students navigate their college search.

“Higher education is an amazing field to work in, but like most fields it still has a lot of areas to grow. Through my master’s program and professional experience, I have been focused on how we as HE professionals can reduce barriers for all students through policy using theory and practical experiences. If you are interested in chatting about how you play a role in making a change for future students, or need someone to help you navigate applying for graduate school or a position, reach out! I can’t wait to see the changes you will make at future institutions and in the lives of students!”

Graduation year: 2018

Post-grad: Higher Education Leadership

Major: Business – management, Spanish for professional use

Campus activities: RWC tutor, Zeta Phi Kappa, Greek Council, OSL, Jenny Lind Choir