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Taking Ownership in Your Career

Having ownership, or full control and accountability, over your career goes beyond basic planning or career conversations. When you truly take ownership, you empower yourself to be honest about where you’re at in your career, figure out tangible ways to get to where you want to go, and advocate for yourself along the way. In this course, career strategist Julia Toothacre leverages her many years as an academic career advisor to guide you on a path to ownership. Julia first explores how to identify and manage your current mindset, as well as assess your career journey thus far. She then discusses how to create your work happy place by staying true to your strengths, values, and interests. Julia also reviews skills gaps and steps you can take to solidify your next step; actions you can take to set yourself up for success when opportunities arise; and tactics for establishing long-term goals. Upon completing this course, you’ll have a clearer idea of the mindset shifts, tasks, and activities that can help you take more ownership on your career journey.

This course was created by Madecraft. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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