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How to Build a Culture of Appreciation as a Manager

If you’re a manager, paying attention to employee engagement is crucial. The ways in which you recognize and value the contributions of your employees can make or break the success of your team. But how do you build new practices for sincerity and recognition when traditional approaches no longer seem to work? In this course, instructor Christopher Littlefield shows you a practical, evidence-based approach to recognition that can help your employees feel valued and respected as individuals, so they’re committed to your team and organization long term.

Explore skills fit for modern-day managers to cultivate lasting forms of engagement, promote employee retention, and create a healthy, sustainable work culture. Christopher gives you tips leading diverse, multicultural teams, regardless of your background or level of leadership experience. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with a more effective management mindset, replete with new methods and tools for daily action.

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