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Fundamentals of a Redesign

Most design projects don’t start from scratch. Instead, designers are usually asked to reimagine an existing brand. Redesigns can be challenging, but offer some distinct advantages, since you are dealing with clients that know their product and their market. In this course, designer Sean Adams show how to plan and execute a redesign that keeps what’s working and jettisons what’s not. First, learn how to identify if a change is necessary and understand the difference between a design evolution and a revolution. Sean then explains how to rework existing logos and identities, collateral and publications, and online media such as websites. In chapter three, he discusses the redesign process: from managing a client who may be attached to the old design, to launching the new identity. He closes with a series of case studies from renowned designers who have transformed company logos, packaging, websites, environments, and marketing materials, while remaining true to the original brand.

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