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Find Your Perfect Career Fit

Often, when people feel unfulfilled in their jobs, it’s because they don’t consider how well their jobs align with their abilities. Instead, people will go into jobs with their passions or interests first. In this audio-only course from How to Be Awesome at Your Job, You Turn author and career coach Ashley Stahl explains that to get more satisfaction out of your career, get clear on your skills and what jobs fit them. Once you know your skills, then you can think about bringing in your interests and passions into your career. She explains that we’re often blind to our strengths because they come so naturally to us. Asking the people close to you and your acquaintances will help you unearth your talents. By asking two questions—”How does the room change when I walk in?” and “When have you seen me at my best?”—you can get a sense of what your core nature is which allows you to filter your options better. With Ashley’s guidance, turn a boring job into a grand job through job crafting.

This course was created by Pete Mockaitis of How to Be Awesome at Your Job. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.

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