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Connecting and Collaborating in a Virtual or Hybrid Workplace

Communicating effectively is already a difficult—and valuable—skill to master. And now, it’s trickier than ever. Until fairly recently, you mostly had to know how to communicate in person—reading body language, gestures, facial expressions and more—or on a conference call. But now, you also have to know how to communicate with someone you only see on a screen. In this new era of virtual communications, it is essential to train and master the skills of communicating anywhere, on any screen. In this course from genConnectU, leadership coach Jackie Miller shares actionable tools on how to effectively engage with clients, colleagues, and bosses in both virtual and live environments, to an audience of one or many. By learning and mastering Jackie’s lessons, you’ll have tools that can help you manage your professional relationships and improve your executive presence.

Note: This course was created by genConnectU. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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