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Financial Resources for Black Students

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According to Gallup, about …

By Laura Kestner-Ricketts
Laura Kestner-Ricketts Executive Director, Career and Professional Development
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October 11, 2022 | By Kevin Gray | NACE

There are important—and troublesome—differences in pay, sense of belonging, and job offers that LGBTQ+ students …

By Laura Kestner-Ricketts
Laura Kestner-Ricketts Executive Director, Career and Professional Development
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October 11, 2022 | By Mimi Collins, NACE

Job security tops the list of attributes new college graduates say are important in a job. The ability to develop job-specific and soft skills, friendly coworkers, and a good benefits package round out …

By Laura Kestner-Ricketts
Laura Kestner-Ricketts Executive Director, Career and Professional Development
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Candid Career: 8,000+ interview-driven videos with industry professionals 

Curious about what it would be like to work in a certain industry or field? Be sure to take advantage of our newest resource, Candid Career! Candid Career is a video library that houses more than 8,000 interview-driven videos highlighting …

By Laura Kestner-Ricketts
Laura Kestner-Ricketts Executive Director, Career and Professional Development
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International Criminal Justice

Original Article:

Is there a Degree for International Criminal Justice?

Though degrees in international criminal justice are not nearly as common as those focused solely on American law enforcement and criminal behaviors, they are a growing part of the …

By Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas
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Career Resources

An integrated baccalaureate in Kinesiology from Augustana College and a master’s degree in sports management from Western Illinois University would …

An integrated baccalaureate in Kinesiology from Augustana College and a master’s degree in sports management from Western Illinois University would …

As a person with a disability, you may hesitate to look for work. You can be unsure whether or not …

Employment Tips for International Students

In addition to the tailored resources and advice below, international students should also refer to …

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Viking Connections

Stephanie Aeschliman

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Greater Chicago Area, IL
  • Science Teacher Noble Street College Prep

Alex Anderson

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Chicago, IL
  • Admissions Representative Chamberlain University

Michael Anderson

Alumni, Community Experts
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Partnerships & Business Development Uber Health

John Anderson

Alumni, Community Experts
  • IL
  • Vice President Product Innovation Utica National Insurance Group

Tyler Andrews

Alumni, Community Experts
  • VA
  • Flight Attendant United Airlines

Teresa Anguiano

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Greater Chicago Area, IL
  • Field Application Scientist Nemocell

Kassidy Belcher

Alumni, Community Experts, Faculty
  • Rock Island, IL
  • Admissions Counselor Augustana College

Jen Bevington

Alumni, Community Experts
  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  • Educational Equity Professional Sonoma State University
  • Chicago, IL
  • wholesale credit analytics The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Lindsey Cannata

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Roselle, IL
  • certified financial planner J.P. Cannata & Associates

John Dreixler

Alumni, Community Experts
  • IL
  • biomedical researcher and studies biomarkers Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrom (ARDS) and University of Chicago

John Feehan

Alumni, Community Experts
  • East Moline, IL
  • dentist Illini Dental Associates in East Moline

Skill Building Courses

Speaking Up for Yourself and Underrepresented Groups

Taught by Jessica Chen
Are you at a point in your career where you’ve realized that putting your head down, doing the work, and…

The Seven Steps to Winning Others’ Support

Taught by Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
When you have an idea that’s truly innovative, you’ll need investment from others—whether it’s financial, personal, or political. But the…

Overcoming DEI Leadership Challenges

Taught by Toni Howard Lowe
In recent years, organizations have faced an unprecedented amount of pressure to deliver against DEI strategy, which has caused an…

Effective Listening (with Audio Descriptions)

Taught by Brenda Bailey-Hughes
Listening is a critical competency, whether you are interviewing for your first job or leading a Fortune 500 company. Surprisingly,…

Avoiding Legal Hot Spots: Five Legal Tips for Social Media Managers

Taught by EverCourse
Whether you are a social media manager, an influencer, or a business owner, if you leverage social media on a…

Claris Pro Essential Training

Taught by Cris Ippolite
Learn how to design and build smart, secure databases with Claris Pro—the database solution evolved from FileMaker Pro and used…

Economics: Quantitative Demand Analysis

Taught by Stefan Michel
Predicting customer demand is an important part of any business strategy. By employing quantitative demand analysis, you can better anticipate,…

Ethics in the Age of Generative AI

Taught by Vilas Dhar
The amazing potential and opportunity of Generative AI has also brought ethical concerns. How can you address these concerns effectively…

Building Career Agility and Resilience in the Age of AI

Taught by Chris Shipley
Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the world, and there’s a growing apprehension about its effects in our personal and professional…

A Manager’s Guide to Conducting Effective One-on-One Meetings

Taught by Madecraft
As a manager, one-on-one time with your employees can be incredibly impactful. But if this time isn’t used properly, it…

Running a Design Business: The Staffing Rule Book

Taught by Emily Ruth Cohen
Are you ready to grow your creative business? In this course, consultant Emily Ruth Cohen provides recommendations and a list…

PostgreSQL Essential Training

Taught by Adam Wilbert
PostgreSQL is trusted with mission critical information by some of the biggest companies in the world. It’s also highly flexible,…

Building Resilience as a Leader

Taught by Dr Gemma Leigh Roberts
View Gemma’s LinkedIn Newsletter Research tells us that resilience is one of the key attributes of successful leaders. Resilience can…

How to Find Fulfillment in Your Work with Job Crafting

Taught by Erin Shrimpton
Everyone wants a fulfilling career. Job crafting is an evidence-based approach to help you do just that. In this transformative…

Body Language for Leaders and Managers

Taught by Carol Kinsey Goman, PhD
Research shows that when your verbal and nonverbal signals are out of alignment, people are forced to choose between what…

Overcome The Productivity Perception Gap as a Manager

Taught by Paula Rizzo
New ways of working means that teams are distributed with some team members fully remote and some hybrid. In this…

Active Listening for Better Leadership Communication

Taught by Heather Younger
Even as new technologies have prompted radical changes in the world of work, basic interpersonal communication skills remain as critical…

Breaking Out of a Rut

Taught by Stefan Mumaw
Ever feel like you’re in a rut? Most people have experienced a rut, whether it manifests as a lack of…

Revit Templates: Annotation

Taught by Paul F. Aubin
Why start from scratch every time? Learn how to build custom Revit templates and reduce the time you spend setting…

Humor in the Workplace

Taught by Izzy Gesell
Humor can change lives and relationships. In this course, organizational consultant and former standup comedian Izzy Gesell helps us better…

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