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The 5 P’s of Job Hunting

Job hunting can be a intimidating and/or scary process. The 5 P’s of job hunting help make that process just a little bit easier! Check them out!! #jobsearch #jobhunting #realworld #career #5

By Claire Martino
Claire Martino
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Virtual Interview Tips

Virtual interviews are not going away anytime soon, so here are a few tips to help the interview process go a little smoother!! #interview #virtual #internship #career #careerdevelopment #vocation

By Claire Martino
Claire Martino
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It’s that time of year – Are you ready??

Resumes, interviews, and job offers, oh my!

The suggestions that follow are based on several years of experience with the recruiting process and employer feedback. Most rules for a good resume are not set in stone, but are strong guidelines. …

By Lisa Slater
Lisa Slater Marketing & Events Coordinator
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#7206820 Strength & Conditioning Intern
Observational Strength & Conditioning internship at Augustana College. The focus will be to learn how to effectively run a sport-specific warm-up, weightlifting program, periodization based on the season (In-Season, Pre-Season, Off-Season), …

By Lisa Slater
Lisa Slater Marketing & Events Coordinator
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Jessica is an award winner!

Jessica Estes ‘17, was awarded the Coalition for Women’s Identities Outstanding Emerging Professional Award by ACPA

The American College Personnel Association (ACPA) is an professional association recognized for its leadership in addressing issues and trends in student affairs within the …

By Lisa Slater
Lisa Slater Marketing & Events Coordinator
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Career Resources

Decoding Your Future

To further support your exploration and decision-making process, here are some valuable resources:

Employment Tips for International Students

In addition to the tailored resources and advice below, international students should also refer to …

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Viking Connections

Jen Bevington

Alumni, Community Experts
  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  • Educational Equity Professional Sonoma State University
Meet Jen >

Jenn Darby

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Iowa
  • Academic Advisor Eastern Iowa Community College
Meet Jenn >

Deb Erhart

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Sugar Land, Texas
  • Human Resources Talent Acquisition Consultant Fort Bend Independent School District
Meet Deb >

Brent Ericson

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Fairfax, VA
  • Assistant Dean of Students George Mason University
Meet Brent >

Amelia Garza

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager Alzheimer's Association®
Meet Amelia >

Zachary George

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Director of College and Fair Relations StriveScan
Meet Zachary >

Travis Greenlee

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Iowa City, Iowa
  • Director of Engineering Career Services University of Iowa
Meet Travis >

Paige Henricks

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Williamsburg, VA
  • Educational Consultant and Professional Development Coordinator Self-Employed
Meet Paige >

Emily Jacobs

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Carpentersville, Illinois
  • Program Coordinator and Freshmen elective teacher Dundee-Crown High School
Meet Emily >

Alicia Koepke

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Des Plaines, Illinois
  • STEM Teacher Chippewa Middle School
Meet Alicia >

Sallie Konrardy

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Rock Island, Illinois
  • Professional School Counselor Rock Island-Milan School District #41
Meet Sallie >

Sara Kumpula

Alumni, Community Experts
  • Ingleside, Illinois
  • Middle School Band Teacher Big Hollow Middle School
Meet Sara >

Skill Building Courses

Human Resources: Creating an Employee Handbook

Taught by Don Phin
Truly effective employee handbooks don’t just help companies remain compliant with the law—they can also express an organization’s culture and…

How to Keep Your Team on the Bleeding Edge of AI Innovation

Taught by Aishwarya Srinivasan
Navigating the new world of AI isn’t easy, but you need to stay up-to-date so you don’t get left behind.…

Build a Personal Learning Plan and Stick with It

Taught by Shanita Williams
As the world changes, companies and businesses respond to these changes with changes of their own, and many employees feel…

The Future of Workplace Learning (2020)

Taught by Amanda Nolen
HR leaders know that workplace learning is the difference between people—and the companies that employ them—staying relevant or becoming redundant.…

Ultralearning: Accelerate Your Career and Outsmart the Competition (Blinkist Summary)

Taught by Blinkist
Ultralearners are ordinary people who can master difficult skills with extraordinary speed. As a result, they achieve tremendous personal success…

Supporting Your Kids’ Learning at Home

Taught by Kat Anderson
Corbin and Kat Anderson have spent years perfecting their teaching craft in both physical and virtual classrooms. During the COVID-19…

Creating a Culture of Learning (2020)

Taught by Jason Mulero
When you deliberately engage employees through learning, they’re 48% more likely to find purpose in their work. But learning and…

Setting and Managing Realistic Expectations for Your L&D Program

Taught by Karl Kapp
Learning and development (L&D) success requires setting proper expectations. Stakeholders may have wildly different ideas about the budget, the format,…

Motivating Your Team to Learn

Taught by Stefan Mumaw
Getting employees to engage with training is hard. Adult learners don’t have the same time and energy as full-time students.…

Practical Success Metrics in Your Training Program

Taught by Ajay Pangarkar
Training is hard; measuring the effectiveness of training is even harder. Learn how to explain the value of your L&D…

Your L&D Organization as a Competitive Advantage

Taught by Karl Kapp
Learning and development (L&D) helps improve productivity, customer experience, and a business’s bottom line. But many L&D professionals don’t feel…

Developing Your Leadership Philosophy

Taught by Mike Figliuolo
If you want your team to trust you as a leader, it’s important to articulate who you are, what you…

Ram Charan on Coaching High Potentials

Taught by Ram Charan
High-potential employees are the key driver of an organization’s future success and performance-but who are these future leaders? Where do…

Developing Managers in Organizations

Taught by Roberta Matuson
Managers have tremendous influence over how employees feel about their jobs. By developing a strong pool of managers, you can…

Creating a Leadership Development Program

Taught by Bonnie Hagemann
An organization’s talent should be its strategic advantage. By taking the time to build a thoughtful, strategic leadership development program,…

Managing High Potentials

Taught by Sara Canaday
Managing high potentials gives you an opportunity to pave the way for some of your organization’s strongest talent. High potentials…

Managing High Performers

Taught by Sara Canaday
Managing high performers gives you an opportunity to pave the way for some of your organization’s strongest talent. By strategically…

Organizational Learning and Development (2016)

Taught by Britt Andreatta
To attract and retain top talent, organizations need to provide opportunities to learn and grow. Learning and development (L&D) programs…

Learning How to Increase Learner Engagement

Taught by Karl Kapp
Engaged students become more active learners. Help set learners up for success by teaching in a more interactive and immersive…

Teaching Techniques: Blended Learning

Taught by Chris Mattia
Blended learning is all about the students: combining instruction with digital resources to help increase student achievement and engagement. In…

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