Career Spotlight

  • Can you briefly introduce yourself and your field of study?
    • Hi, I’m Sangamitra Shakya, currently a junior at Augustana College. I’m originally from Nepal, and I’m majoring in Accounting and Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design.
  • What inspired you to pursue this field in college?
    • I was initially drawn to marketing because of my creative interests. However, after taking my first accounting class and being inspired by Dr. Delaney’s teachings, I decided to also major in accounting. I saw the blend of analytical skills and strategic thinking in accounting as something that complements my interests in marketing.

  • How did you explore potential career paths while in college?
    • While in college, I actively participated in networking events hosted by the accounting faculty and kept in close contact with my advisors. This allowed me to explore various career paths within both accounting and marketing and gain insights into different opportunities available.

  • Did you participate in any internships or research projects related to your field, and how did they influence your career direction?
    • I’m excited to share that I’ve secured an internship at Deloitte in Boston for the summer of 2024. My interactions with professionals during two events—an office tour and a recruitment dinner—organized by Deloitte played a significant role in shaping my career direction.

  • Could you share achievements or accomplishments from your college years that you believe contributed to your career success?
    • One of my significant achievements during my college years is my campus job. It has helped me build confidence and improve my socializing skills, which are essential in both academic and professional settings.

  • What advice would you give to current students for securing and maximizing internships during college?
    • My advice to current students is to actively seek out internship opportunities and make the most of them. Networking and utilizing campus resources can help you secure valuable internships that align with your career goals.
  • How important do you think it is for students to actively pursue achievements or recognition in their field while in college?
    • I believe that actively pursuing achievements and recognition in your field while in college is crucial for personal and professional development. These accomplishments can help you stand out to potential employers and pave the way for future success.

  • Are there any skills or experiences from college that you found especially valuable in your career?
    • My campus jobs has been particularly valuable in building my confidence and improving my socializing skills. Additionally, participating in networking events has helped me develop valuable connections within my chosen industries.
By Sangamitra Shakya
Sangamitra Shakya