Viking Score Activities: A Database for All the Activities

The Viking Score is Augustana College’s career-readiness program to support students through college and post-graduate life by tracking experiences and awarding points to earn incentives along the way.

Have you completed a Viking Score activity but do not know where to report it? Or, are you close to the 100 points but do not have an idea what an activity is or where it can be located? Well, worry no more! Here is a database summarizing each activity and where it can be located on the careers.augustana website!!

Exploration activity: (a worksheet that can be completed alongside your Career Coach or on your own) {6 points}

Discuss Exploration activity: aforementioned meeting with Career Coach regarding the worksheet and your interests, skills, values, and the needs of the community {14 points}

CORE Orientation:  link to worksheet an overview of each area within CORE and the benefits of accessing core {2 points}

Career Research Activity:  link to page with resources Meet with Career Coach after researching your specific career field you are interested in {6 points}

Informational Interviews: Interview with an alum or a professional in your field of interest and discuss with Career Coach afterward. {6 points}

Volunteering/Community Service: 10 hours of volunteer work needed. Reported through the Viking Score form at the bottom of this page. {4 points}

On- or Off-Campus Job: Use this link to find out how you are able to earn Viking Score points through your employment. {4 points}

Flexible Employment: Pick up extra hours through the Flexible Employment Program, a temp agency allowing students to work for different departments across campus and to select work opportunities that fit within their schedules. Complete the required tax forms, sign up through an email to {2 points}

Student Organization: Have you joined an Augie student organization? Report it through the Viking Score form! {2 points}

Leadership Position: Are you in a leadership position in that student organization? Reported through the VS form. {4 points}

Career Goal Activity: A worksheet/personal statement defining the specifics you wish to attain through work. Discussing this with a career coach will award you an extra 14 points! {6 points}

Handshake: Augustana’s preferred job recruitment website, where an Augustana email address can be used to create an account. {2 points}

LinkedIn: A great resource for reaching out to employers and utilize professional networking opportunities. Create a profile to begin your connections! {2 points}

Career or Graduate School Fair: Meet recruiters at this opportunity for job seekers to meet in one location or to learn about differentgraduate programs and all they have to offer. (Checking in at this event automatically gives you the Viking Score points!) {4 points}

Resume Review: Need your resume worked on or someone to look at it before a job application? Schedule an appointment  with a Career Mentor at CORE to help you highlight your skills and interests! {4 points}

Cover Letter Review: Schedule an appointment with a Career Mentor at CORE to help write this important part of many job applications! {4 points}

Mock Interview: The secret to interviewing well is practice. There are certain questions that are usually asked of candidates during an interview. Completing a mock interview with your career coach provides this preparation, which can be scheduled through Handshake. {6 points}

Elevator Pitch: Another method of “selling yourself” and your skills to employers. This worksheet aids in making your elevator pitch perfect and can be shown during a meeting with your Career Coach. {4 points}

Interview Attire: Do you have professional attire prepared for an upcoming interview? If so, snap a picture and send it to your Career Coach! {4 points}

Experiential Learning Experience: Determine the experience you’d like to pursue through this worksheet and then meet with your Career Coach to plan your future Internship, Study Away, or Research experience. {20 points}

Career Ready: Share Your Story: Having a concise, compelling story, often called a Career Story, is essential as you transition from college to the next step on your journey. Think of it as a comprehensive final paper for who you have become throughout your time at Augustana College. Start by using this worksheet. Bring in your completed paper and worksheet to your Career Coach. {20 points}

Senior Roadmap: Review this to make a plan with your Career Coach to better achieve career success, usually done when a student is a senior. {6 points, additional 6 points for follow-up meeting}

Research Employers / Grad Schools: Researching employer organizations and careers or fields of interest supports the job search in several ways. Learning all there is to know about a specific employer assists in customizing job search materials and preparing for interviews. To earn your Viking Score Points you must meet with a Career Coach to discuss what you have learned and plan for next steps. {4 points}

Target List: After researching employers above, create a list of 10-20 companies you will target in your post-undergrad job search. Come in for another meeting with your Career Coach to earn the points.  {4 points}

References / Letters of Rec: Do you know of people from whom you are planning to request letters of recommendation? Share a list of them with your Career Coach at a meeting. Use this resource to choose your references correctly.

Digital Commons: A database of scholarly works of the students, faculty, and staff. Submissions require a faculty sponsor/advisor. Entries automatically award the Viking Score points to the uploader. {10 points: Personal Statement worth 4 points and Publishing 6}

Viking Connections: Viking Connections is Augustana College’s Career Alumni Connector Network to bring together accomplished alumni and students. Connect with a former student through this resource  {6 points}

Link for reporting Viking Score activities:

By Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas