Texas Medical Center Internship – Open to All Majors!

The Texas Medical Center Summer Research Internship Program has a rich history of accepting highly motivated Augustana students to their program. What many don’t realize is that students from a wide assortment of majors have had successful experiences with the program. In other words, the TMC is not just for science majors!

Augustana is one of a select few colleges and  universities, many of the country’s top  research schools-invited to send student research interns to the world-class Texas Medical Center (TMC) in Houston, Texas each summer. Its anchor institutions are MD Anderson Cancer Center, a top ranked U.S. cancer care hospital, and Baylor College of Medicine, a top ranked biomedical research facility and medical school.

The TMC is the largest medical complex in the world, home to 21,000 physicians, scientists and researchers in more than 50 member institutions.  Its anchor institution is the MD Anderson Cancer Center, a top-ranked U.S. cancer care hospital.

Students interested in any aspect of healthcare may apply for the internships, which are available to all majors.  Along with biology, chemistry, and pre-med, previous Augustana interns have had majors in art, business administration, communication science and disorders, English, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and more.

TMC Interns work with top surgeons, researchers and other health care professionals, gaining unmatched research and practice in their field, lifelong connections and a stand-out experience for their career preparation.

Many of the Augustana TMC interns have had one-on-one mentoring relationships in clinical or research medicine, allied health, psychology, neuroscience or veterinary  research.  Others have worked in human resources, health care economics, medical illustration, pastoral care, finance and law.  As part of their experience, several inters have co-authored papers with their mentors, for publication in peer reviewed journals.


This program is for students who have completed their junior year.

The estimated TMC-SRIP cost per student  is $3,500.  In addition to $2,000 through Augie Choice, students have access to  supplemental grants, and additional funding based on  financial need.

Before the summer internship, TMC interns take two spring seminars on campus to prepare for the residency.  Three follow-up seminars (two in summer and one in fall) focus on the vocational and ethical aspects of their training.

Summer 2022 Intern Reflections

“Observing and working in quantitative and computational biosciences was a fascinating experience. Placing into a laboratory focused on using computer science allowed me to take concepts I already know and apply them outside my field.“ 
– Jared  Reiling:  Math ; Computer Science

“It was really useful to use skills I’ve learned in my classes in the real world, and to learn how to work independently, balance my time, and when to ask for more work. My mentors really helped with  career guidance and with deciding what I want to do after Augustana.”
– Madison  Knutsen:  Public Health; Psychology

“One aspect which was extremely useful was the ability to go on daily clinical rounds with one of the ethicists to be able to see the use of ethical  principles and values put into practice in real situations and scenarios.”
John Le:  Philosophy

“Academically, I extensively improved necessary laboratory skills and my knowledge in neuroscience/biology. I  learned I love science and this field is what I want to pursue as a career.”
Linh Nguyen:  Neuroscience

The skills and academic information I gained was incredible and I know I ‘ll use all of this in the  future.  I learned  a lot about how the professional world and world of science work. I think this will give me a leg up  when applying and starting my career. Finally, the relationship I gained with my mentor was absolutely incredible.
Maggie Lukas:  Pre-medicine; Biology

“TMC-SRIP prepared me for my future career. Working in a smaller lab, I got to know everybody relatively well and build a rapport. This  gave me access to provide comments for unpublished data in a peer-review because my mentor could see my interest and enthusiasm, and therefore included me in the process.” – Lindsay Saulsberry:  Biology 


Based at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, the TMC-SRIP is a high-quality, competitive summer internship program AVAILABLE TO STUDENTS OF ALL MAJORS WHO COMPLETED JUNIOR YEAR.

Estimated 2023 cost per student is $3,500. In addition to $2,000 through Augie Choice, students have access to supplemental grants, and additional funding based on financial need.


Begin by completing the google form application by logging into your Gmail account and enter the URL  below:
A google form invitation (with a link to the form) will be emailed to all Juniors.


  • Resume
  • PersonalStatement
  • Official Transcript (Request thru Arches)
  • Two letters of Recommendation (at least one must be from an Augustana faculty member)



For more information contact: 

Dr. Heid Storl, Director TMC-SRIP

Beth Ford, Career Coach in CORE – Schedule an appointment through Handshake to discuss the application process and materials.


By Beth Ford
Beth Ford Career Coach for the Health Sciences & First Year Student Advisor