Looking for an Alternative to Remote Internships?

Have you considered building your professional skills by completing an Externship?

Paragon One, an online staffing organization, opened their applications for their remote externship programs! Similar to an internship, these externship programs are a great option for students who are either looking for remote professional development opportunities, or are unable to fit an internship into their school breaks. Here are the basics of what you’ll need to know…

What is the difference between an Internship and an Externship?

At Augustana, an “Internship” tends to be a more familiar word than an “Externship.” BestColleges.com describes an internship as “a short-term placement with an organization designed to train the intern in core skills.” Interns are often given tasks and/or projects like a normal employee while they temporarily work for a company. Although not all internships follow the same structure, they typically last approximately three months, are available for college credit, and may be paid positions. 

Meanwhile, externships are typically less hands-on than internships. As mentioned, an internship places a greater emphasis on completing tasks and projects like an average employee would. In contrast, externs may have tasks and projects but they are typically smaller with an emphasis on observational learning. Externships commonly involve an aspect of shadowing a skilled professional and the entire experience occurs in a shorter period of time (usually 1-2 months), typically alongside the school year instead of during a break or over the summer. Furthermore, although there are always exceptions, externships tend to be unpaid learning experiences. 

What should you expect from a remote externship?

  • Easy (Non-existent) Transportation: If you are a student struggling to find a car or access a relevant internship in your local area, a remote position may save you gas money and the headache of finding an on-site experience that works for you..
  • Flexible Scheduling: Externships tend to be during the school year and require less hours of work per week.  Therefore, externships have a higher probability for flexible scheduling to work around classes and other extracurricular activities. However, please discuss the schedule of your externship with the company you are working with before assuming you can set your own work hours.
  • Unpaid or Stipend: As shorter, less intense experiences, externships tend to be unpaid, although some positions do offer a stipend to compensate an extern for their work. 
  • College Credit: Just like applying for an internship at Augustana, not all externship programs will meet credit requirements. Talk with your academic advisor about whether the internship meets credit requirements and properly register your internship if you would like to receive college credit. 

Final Thoughts & Overall Value 

As a resume builder, both internships and externships are great professional experiences that add to your personal marketability. Whichever route you choose, the Career Development and Vocation team highly suggest you complete one of these experiences before you graduate. If you would like to hear more about externships and other career opportunities stop by the Career Development and Vocation suite in C.O.R.E. by scheduling a career coaching appointment today!

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By Steven Nowinski
Steven Nowinski Employer Relations Manager