Young Adults in Global Mission

Wondering what to do post graduation? Interested in building community and serving others? Thinking of participating in a religiously affiliated service year? Here is some information to help you learn more.

What is Young Adults in Global Mission? 

The Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) invites young adults to experience fellowship in a life-changing way. Participants engage with partners and hosts in one of nine country programs. Volunteers experience the transformation that comes from living among our siblings around the world. Participants serve in the spirit of accompaniment, which places an emphasis on mutuality and vulnerability as we walk alongside our partners. In an effort to counter the damage of colonial Christianity, relationships and listening are at the core of the YAGM experience. In recent years, the YAGM program has sent around 80 volunteers into partnership annually. Volunteers are placed where their gifts, passions and skills best match the requests and needs of our partners. Learn more here.

How is the program funded?

The average annual cost to support one volunteer in service is about $15,000. Volunteers commit to a $5,000 fundraising effort to help support the cost of their year of service. Support from the ELCA is available to assist in raising these funds, as well as scholarship allocation based on need.

What kind of support do volunteers receive?

• Room and board
• Travel to and from the country of service
• Medical insurance
• Monthly stipend allowing volunteers to
live simply
• Federal student-loan deferment
or forbearance
• Group retreats in the country of service that
can include
• Faith formation
• Team building
• Social-justice education
• Pastoral and administrative support from staff
living in the country of service

How do I know where I’ll serve?
Candidates apply to the program as a whole and not to a specific country program. Candidate preferences are considered, but ELCA staff and the international program coordinators make the final country placement decisions. Willingness to serve in a variety of country programs strongly increases the chances of making a successful match between the candidates and the country program.

To learn more set up a post grad service appointment on handshake

To schedule an appointment:
• Log in to Handshake ( using your Augustana network username and password.
• Click on “Career Center”, then “Appointments”
• Click on “Schedule New Appointment”
• Choose the category that fits your appointment need (Post Graduation Service) + (Exploring Post Grad Service)
• From there you can choose the day and time that works best for you

By Keri Bass
Keri Bass Assistant Director of Vocational Exploration and Career Coach